Official River Bend Membership Corporation – RBMC

7 hours ago

Deb Smith

Why is there Official River Bend Membership Corporation-RBMC and River Bend Membership Corporation-RBMC and what is the difference? ... See MoreSee Less


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Supposedly they renamed it to official RBMC

Might be wrong but I thought I was told we have 2 FB pages. Office controls 1 someone else controlling the other one. Kathy Sease can you clear this up for us please?

Deb Smith the two FB sites run by the office is this one, which is a GROUP for members only. This allows the office, BOD and members to have an open line of communication. The PAGE is for the public to see, along with the members and is for mostly announcements, being it is a PAGE. It is the "linked" page to this group. These are the only 2 that are run by Riverbend on FB, all other FB sites are run by members that the office or the BOD has no control over. Here is the other RBMC FB page:

It's still open, but is supposed to be members only from what the office and admin says.

3 days ago

Kathy Sease

President’s Comments for February 2018:
Ron Whittington & My Resignation
(per the admin: If any derogatory, insulting, or abusive comments are made, you as well as your comment will be deleted from this group.)
Our Prayer List: Please keep Sue Dolan, Office Manager, in your prayers. She is needing a heart pacemaker and waiting for her heart to be stronger to receive one. The month of February River Bend has lost two members: Ada Willis and Christine Garey. May your prayers be with their families for the loss of their loved one.

The Special Meeting of the Bod held on Feb 03, 2018 whereas Buddy Pendleton and Marty Reiker have been removed from the BOD with Cause. As I look back, Social Media was blasting away. Did anybody ask themselves before slinging words as to why they were being removed with Cause. Notate: Before I would open my mouth or write a statement, I would have the whole story before slinging words; for example, review the minutes of the charges and have read the evidence attached. Many members are tired of the drama being created and want this to stop.

Therefore I have asked the BOD to look into trademarking the word River Bend. This should improve the following: 1) Improve communication. The members at River Bend will have one approved web site. 2) Improve land sales and value. This past year we have lost land sales due to this hate/negativity at the river thru social media. 3) Call the office or our website for any questions you may have. Get the official answer(s) from a reliable source.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform the members that I have stepped down from the BOD at RBMC 19Feb2018. I have stepped down for the following reasons; my house in Myrtle Beach needing my time and lucrative contract offers. The BOD, in place right now at this writing, is very strong. I believe they will succeed in honesty, transparency, and integrity for all members. They are smart and ask all the right questions, seek knowledge and most of all “listen to the members”. NO ONE PERSON RUNS THE BOD or the Membership. CHANGE is coming to RBMC for the best; an increase of members joining committees and members wanting honesty, transparency, and integrity. The future BOD and Committees will find the right methods of COMMUNICATION to the members without being bullied, lies, threats, deceit, and confusion to “all members” of River Bend.

This is the last of the President’s Comments from Ron Whittington.
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I am so sorry to hear that you and Ron are resigning from the board we really needed you two!

I had and still have faith that our board will make our park better. Ron will truly be missed a great BOD President.

It’s time for a outside management company

I am sad to see Ron go. He did a great job. I am confident the members of the board will continue working to make the park great for all members.

2 days ago

Wanda Leigg Clark

How did you discover River Bend? What's your RB story?
I came to RB 30 years ago to visit my best friend/SIL's family and fell in love with the place. Later my brother inherited their 2 places and we came all the time for 20ish years. A few years ago a High School friend kept telling us to come back and buy and how many changes had been made. Then another high school friend purchased a lot. We caved and drove up one day to look around and gave an offer that day. No regrets, our family loves River Bend and have met some great people here. So many good memories made in the park.
Put your story in the comments.
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My parents bought into River Bend in 1978, it was Jelly Stone then. A Yogi Bear statue greeted you at the gate. Mom would take 5 weeks a summer off from her day care business and we would spend them and every weekend there. River Bend watch me grow up from a child thru my teenage years. We would hang out at the Arcade (the lounge is in that location now) and by the pool. Killed many golf cart batteries riding around the park roads and trails. As I got older and had my own kids would bring them up on weekends to visit there grandparents. A few years back Mom and Dad decided it was to much for them to care for and gave me the option to take over one of the lot, so I did. Made many fond memories there as a kid. Now I get to share them with the third and forth generation of my family to spend time at River Bend.

Had friends there. Visited and then bought 13 years ago

My parents owned a lot, along with more of my family. Met my now husband there one spring day as teenagers. His parents also owned a lot. Almost 20 years later we now own our own and our teenage daughter loves it up there

my friend had a son who couldn't afford to pay his dues any more so we bought it from him that was our first lot been there since 2010 and love it

I visited Chuck Sweeney after I moved from NY to Maryland. I loved it and many years and many visits later finally was lucky enough to buy my own lot.

Went with friends years ago with my husband and told him one day we will be able to buy a place. That day was 3 years ago I love Riverbend.

Had a place in Taylors Island.(cambridge md)..about 40 miles out of OC...loved and miss crabbing...Gas Prices took a big hike and got costly to travel there my son said buy at Riverbend...sold my place down the road..bought in RB.. Met my now hubby (for the second time ) there 9 years ago and married him at the boat dock in RB..5 years me some RB...but I lean towards Drama Free

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2 days ago

Manda Craig

If you follow Riverbend Rocks page please go see the new post and let us know what you think! Please be kind as the rocks page is purely for the enjoyment of the kids and families! Thank you ... See MoreSee Less


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Didn't see a new post

Manda Craig

I am so glad that I was able to bring this activity to Riverbend and last season was a huge success!!!

7 days ago

Ada Freyer

I’m very upset that our Rec page was taken down but I do understand why. Traci put a lot of work into it. The committee itself got together to create a calendar for 2018. And some people not all just some. Don’t know when to shut there mouth. It’s crazy all the drama and BS that any and I mean any volunteer has to go thru. I truly hope RBMC BOD and members can work this out. ... See MoreSee Less


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Oh good lord! It's always something


What? I thought I was just looking at it this morning and shared some events......when did that happen?

I am so sorry Ms. Ada Freyer.... hope they don’t shut down my Rock Page!

It's really sad that grown adults behave like children and ruin the park for everyone .River Bend should be place we enjoy and proud to take our children. Its really quite a shame

Ada very well said it is a shame

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5 days ago

Kathy Sease

Was sent this by a member asking me to post:
On February 8, 2018, Ada Rarick Willis, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and friend passed away at the age of 75. She leaves behind a lifetime of treasured memories, though we wanted to make many more.
Ada was the 7th of 11 children. She later moved to Baltimore where she made a home and raised a loving family. Ada spent much of her career working as a librarian and in customer service. She served several terms as the President of Riverbend in Falling Waters, WV where she made many lifelong friends.
Ada loved to travel. She and her family took trips to Maine, Florida, California, Italy and her favorite place, Santorini, Greece. She enjoyed reading, gardening and bird watching. She was a gifted storyteller and could light up a room with her energy, humor and quick wit.
By her example, she taught her children and grandchildren to be kind, loyal and forgiving. She had immense pride for every member of her family and encouraged them daily to be the best version of themselves. She is survived by her husband, Johnny Willis, their three children, Barbara Willis Portz (husband Bob and daughter Clarissa), John Willis (wife Donna and children John, Justin and Kayla) and Kevin Willis (wife Stacie and sons Keith and Ryan), her siblings (Marcus, Waha, JC, Merlin and Donna) and countless friends. We mourn the loss of this amazing woman, but we know we will always carry her with us in our hearts.
A celebration of Ada's life will be held on February 24, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at First Lutheran Church of Gray Manor, 212 Oakwood Road, Dundalk, MD 21222. In lieu of flowers, the family wants to honor Ada by taking a collection for a memorial at her favorite place.
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Ada Freyer

Terry I sent it to them but thanks

Thank You for posting this. Rest in Peace Ada. Prayers and condolences to her family at this difficult time.

Prayers for the family! She will be missed!

Yes, thanks for posting, have received several inquires.

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1 week ago

Gary Hann

to the admin of this group, if this group is for members only to communicate then it should be closed so the public can not see the comments, only members can. The "Page" is for those who are not members not see what our park is about. Ownership of a lot should be verified before a member is permitted to join this group. ... See MoreSee Less


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to the admin: I belong to other "COMMUNITY" groups here on facebook that are closed groups. These groups are still searchable to the public, but the public can not see the comments of its members. We need to make this a closed group so only members can see the comments.

6 days ago

Kevin Eldert

Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend. ... See MoreSee Less

Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend.


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This warm weather is nice and the river can’t open soon enough.

Well u too

2 months ago

Joanne Garrison

I would like to compliment security/maintenance. Last month my husband and I had to go down for the day and move our dock and trailer and change tires. We're at 1-25. On the water. We didn't get back to the park til after dark and it was cold and isolated. A member of security/maintenance stopped down. Asked who we were. What we were doing. Asked a lot of questions. Then stayed with us so we had more light from her headlights and went to get a rag for my husband. I also thank Walker for always checking on our place and leaving notes I believe that our places are in good hands during off season. And thanks to all the folks who work up there 24/7 to help protect our park.
Merry Christmas to all you guys. And Happy New Year See ya'll in April!!
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I agree!!! We are new to RB only since August. When closing up for the winter and hauling some things home including my golf cart it was nice to know they were taking down vehicle info, cart info and pictures of each to document what went with what lot and who was taking what out. I’m glad that is being done and again, great job

I'm with u, Joanne. Walker cks on our property often. Security has always been there when we need them and they really should get more recognition for all the ppl they assist in the park.

It’s really nice hearing compliments about Riverbend Staff instead of all the negativity. Thats Joanne and especially to our RB Staff.

i must admit, we were the only ones in the park, and with no lights, no people, during the winter its kinda creepy at night down there. We were thankful someone was riding around patrolling...we could have been thieves or vandals for all she knew, and she didn't hesitate for a minute to drive right up to us!

1 month ago

Ada Freyer

Good evening everyone.

The Rec committee is looking for another carnival for Memorial Day weekend but as of now we haven’t had any luck. Just wanted to know if anyone knows of any other Carnivals I could contact. Thanks in advance for the help. Come on April 1st. 😎
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This is actually in our area in Greencastle, PA and set up in the tri-state area: I have no idea of the cost.

Ada I hae several numbers of people we called before

Saturday or Sunday?

Carnival would run Friday thru Sunday

Call the Middletown MD Fire Department. They had a local carnival that was excellent and had very nice rides as well as games. That carnival that we had a River Bend last year was hideous.

Shaw and Sons in Maryland. Been around forever. Remember them growing up.

What happened to m&m from last year?

Please don’t bring back the carnival crew /company we had. They are dirty and same stuff every year. Please bring something different! Thank you

We are trying not to bring them back. Had a lot of bad feed back

You probably already have these, but figured I would post:

I won't go to their carnival again. Junk junk junk. Rude ignorant people. Told my wife last year will just leave the park and go to boonsboro. 16 bucks for a ticket and 15 plus rides. Rb carnival 20 bucks for 4 rides and your 9 year old is to tell for half of em

Tyler Kendrick your wife parents still do carnival 's?

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1 month ago

Martin Viel

First of all, I am not complaining. We checked on our lot last week. We had our electric upgrade done. Lot appears to be a wreck. Driveways cut up, mounds of dirt, lawn literally gone, large rocks rolled onto grass. Hoping it gets finished (cleaned up)! Keeping fingers crossed I'm not spending entire season trying to repair and/or restore damage. ... See MoreSee Less


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Where is your lot?

Sounds like a complaint to me. First they need to tie in water and electric. The ground is frozen so they cant do anything with the ground. You will have to do some work, all of us that have had the upgrade done had to do something. Trust me the updates are WELL worth the little work you will have to do compared to all the work maint haa been doing this very cold winter.

They normally fix whatever they screw up.

Have the up graded on poison oak yet

No Jackie, thats next year ..............sigh

Fear not, it will all be back to normal before the park opens

I still havent had full rock replacement. They took my parking pad, dug it up twice. And i had to beg for more rocks

Yeah mine looked like a war zone last Jan but by park opening it was all good

My yard is still messed up from "upgrades" last winter & I've put in multiple complaints and work orders. My yard now floods constantly whenever it rains

Just be hopeful the correct wiring is used this year. River Bend used the incorrect wire last year for the upgrades

Mine was trashed and we ended up fixing it ourselves

Mine was trashed, still cleaning up dirt and rocks, also a tree got killed by the trenching WHO has to remove that?

When they did ours it looked like hell in the off season but was pretty well back in order at the opening of the season. The pedestal is now much further towards the road so we had to run a much longer power cord to the pedestal. The 50 amp service is worth it but them being so close to the road does make moving campers around a bit harder though.

Not trying to stir the pot but most of you do understand that you dont own the property to the edge of the rd the park has a right of way for utility’s

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3 weeks ago

Kathy Sease

There is a new section "in the member only section" of the RBMC website, where you can leave a message for the Park Manager, Chris Miller. He will check it twice a day during his normally scheduled work hours. The questions can only pertain to: RBMC Governing documents, Maintenance, Security and the Office. No other topics will be addressed by the Park Manager. You have to be a member and log in at Hope this will allow members to receive an answer directly from the park manager. ... See MoreSee Less

There is a new section in the member only section of the RBMC website,  where you can leave a message for the Park Manager, Chris Miller.  He will check it twice a day during his normally scheduled work hours.  The questions can only pertain to: RBMC Governing documents,   Maintenance, Security and the Office.  No other topics will be addressed by the Park Manager.  You have to be a member and log in at  Hope this will allow members to receive an answer directly from the park manager.


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Yeah right still waiting for answer about my lot 41-11 the survey from next door 41-10 that is way off. ????? 2 request

MEMBERSHIP CONCERN FORM by River Bend Mobile Posted: 29 days ago NOTES

What I love about RBMC is...
It is close enough for a quick getaway. We can have great times with family and friends. Looking forward to opening weekend.
... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Gary Hann

Why is the RBMC Recreation News Group a closed group? This group should be open to the public to see what kind of events we have to draw interest into River Bend. ... See MoreSee Less


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Its not run by RBMC and is for lot owners to see what is happening. Its funny how in the rec page people can comment as a closed group, but " the official " page says you cant comment if its closed.

then all the events should be able to be shared so they can be posted on the Facebook Page.

Look at the top of the official page where it says recommend by admin. Anyone on this page can look at it

If you are not a member you cant see the event post.

So join it like other members

Then I would say you need to request to be a member of the group why post the same information repetitively over the Internet when you can go to one place to see what is going on.

All recreation events should be posted on the official "page" and "group" for the members so they dont have to belong to multiple groups.

Talk to ron and have him make the office girls put rec info up. If you dont want to do that, then thw rec page can be ahut down.

the events also need to be able to be shared and not all are.

Ro make you happy, the rec page will shut down this weekend

They are all listed on the page... maybe some are not interested in seeing what event are happening because they dont want to go to them! You are a member of the page Gary so why are you complaining?

I am only looking out for the Park, If all the events could be shared so they could be posted on the parks official page it would allow those who maybe guest and others who are interested in becoming members to see what kind of activities we have.

Joe public can't come into the park to enjoy the activities so they don't need to see it

Total caois.

They will be shared when it is closer to the time!

look at the campgrounds that you can go rent lots at, they post their activities for the season at one time. Should not wait till right before to be able to share them. People do have to plan things out

what in our park is done normal or like other campgrounds?

I am aware of 1 event that outsiders are invited and that is the car show. We do not advertise to non members for any other activity.

You people say you want to help River Bend but you are only holding the events hostage. Posting the events for the Public to see would show them what kind of activities they would get if they purchased a lot in our park. Again it is a marketing tool to generate interest in are park and help bring in new members. If you cant see that then you are blind.

The office staff could always post here or on the .org site. Why don't they ? We have an empty calendar for events on the .org site.

That has been empty for the last 2 years

Just sounds like another attempt of John kolson trying to get information for his page

Gary The office does have a copy of the calendar if they chose not to but it on the official RBMC page then that’s on them. We and I mean the Rec committee is trying to make the park better. I have chosen to not volunteer for 30 plus years and I chose to last year but I’m really regretting my decision. So much BS it’s not funny.

Ada Freyer the rec committee is doing a great job. Please keep it up. You may hear 20 people complain but remember there are hundreds that appreciate it especially the kids. Please dont regret your decision because of the politics. The majority of kids and members do appreicate the effort.Thank you for all you and the rec committee have done and are doing.

I am not saying they are not doing a good job. they have already posted it there. So why not make it shareable so the office doesn’t have to do duplicate work to post it here and on the park page. That is very unproductive and redundant. Am I the only one that sees that.

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7 days ago

Theresa A Fadely

Thank You to all the members that have stepped up to volunteer for the park community!!! It's appreciated by so many members within the park. This is includes all committees and BOD members who are working to improve our park. We have like 1,700 members (not sure of exact #) and there are more that appreciate the positive things coming up for the 2018 Season then you realize. Remember not everyone is online. Not everyone is on FB. Not everyone participates in all the threads online. So again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from our lot to yours. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Theresa A Fadely

Admin-what do we as members need to do to have this group changed from "public group" to "private group"? ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Dustin Dell

Looking to possibly rent a lot this summer message me with any info please ... See MoreSee Less


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Jad Drake



You’d have to find a private owner. Park only rents lots for short term

1 week ago

Dustin Dell

Looking to possibly rent a lot this summer message me with any info please ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I know of 2 lots for sale if your interested , pm me

1 week ago

Gary Hann

— Products shown: Keep It Simple Hoodie, Just A Girl In Love with her Dog & Camping and I'm Retired - Going Camping Is My Job. ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Kathy Sease

Should I continue?

Serving on this board of directors, I have come upon many dilemmas that I’m unsure how this membership wants me to proceed
I feel there is a division in the membership of who really wants transparency, non-corruption, and honesty representing their park.
In the last 4 months since my election to board I have hit many roadblocks, lies, corruption, and deceit to the membership of others.
This has been very discouraging to me as I try to fulfill the position representing the members that voted for me.
That is to serve on this board per my campaign statement of “honesty, integrity, and transparency.”
Also, there are many things going on behind the scenes the membership is not aware of that I am struggling with.
This is official FB group was created for better communication between the board and members, again for transparency on a daily basis. Also to allow a place for the membership to communicate throughout the entire year.
I appreciate those members that reply or give feedback with comments, suggestions of their opinions for the betterment of our park.
However, with the attacks, accusations, and misrepresentations from certain members of the information I give, it has been very discouraging while trying to maintain my integrity and constantly defending myself.
I'm not sure if my time, efforts and dedication to the park for honesty and transparency is what the "majority of the members" want.
"Thoughts on if I should continue? "
(Here on the board, or confidentially through FB messenger)
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Not sure what to tell you. All board members should be here posting updates, not other pages. We appreciate you. The drama needs to stop , so we can proceed, for the the betterment of the park. You are always going to have dram on social media. We all need to take a step back and let you do your jobs and enjoy the park..

It’s time to have an outside company come run the park for us! This is hideous. No matter who is on the Board it’s always DRAMA and nothing is gonna get down. Thoughts???

Surely Someone needs to do the job , unfortunately these issues have plagued previous members , and we have lost many honest and decent people in the process , My hope is You can find the strength to weather the storm , you’re certainly the caliber to represent us ! Thank You for Your Service !

As one of the 5 members who attended the open board meeting with you on Saturday, I sincerely hope you stay. We have documents that govern our park, the meetings, etc. You are there representing those of us who believe in following the rules. Don't back down.

Kathy I honestly think I can speak for some members. 1. Honesty is of utmost importance! 2. Many of us are unsure what to believe and from whom. 3. People in DEFINED positions are ALWAYS victims of the "blame game". 4. Someone will get their feelings crushed. If you truly feel you are doing what's best for the members please continue to do as much. My biggest suggestion is this...... let ALL BOD speak for themselves weather or not they have fb. You are becoming "the middle man" and "target" due to being the messenger. It truly puts you in a bad situation that you should NEVER be put in.

I hope you continue.... you have to do whats best for you

I am sorry that all this is happened to you since you became a member of the board we truly need you for your honesty however if things are too hard for you you need to do what's best for you

This will Be our 35th year and there’s always a faction trying to undermine the board members. Not everyone runs for the board for the same reason. We’ve lost many good and effective board members due to the incessant complaining,criticisms and downright character assasinations at times . It’s a disheartening and thankless job. You have tremendous support Kathy , but I understand if it becomes too much to handle

Stay. Even tho I don’t comment much I read everything u post n that is called communication good or bad n I been there 6 years n never had any communication so hold ur head up n strive forward!

Have only been at Riverbend 3 years. Don't know any board members. But your post are the first ones that after reading them I feel like you are just stating facts and you don't have an alterior motive. My hope is you will stay and continue.

We hope you can continue on the bod. However if not I fully understand.

I have an idea we need a Team and there's no I in Team therefore you need to stay and help make it a Team. 😊

You should stay on the board. Resigning would be a disservice to those that voted you in. There is always going to some sort of division in the park. just a certain segment is more vocal about it.

Last season was our first full season here. We don't get too much into the politics of the park. I don't really know any of the board....only what I read from some of them on these sites. You seem very honest and seem to want what's best for the park. What I've heard from other BOD members that have posted on social media is that they want what's best for them. And they seem drama filled. I really don't see why so much drama all the time. And hatred....its sick. We need good honest people.

And one more thing I'll never get...why do people that keep quitting the board keep getting voted back in??? Makes No since!!! I think we need more new people on the board....ones that don't already have drama with people...we need fresh ideas! I think if you have quit before you shouldn't be allowed to come back.

WHY do people/ groups act like this?? If you don't like Rules or Regulations??? WHY woud you move into a place like this??? Buy 50 acres and put a camper in the middle!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

Ugh, please hang on there. Anyone against transparency and honesty isn't worth stressing over. You are doing the right thing, stand up for us members that want to keep the park moving forward and improving morale! We appreciate you.

This Facebook page is nothing but Drama and bad for the park. You are an amazing lady that wants the best for everyone in this park. We need to delete the Facebook pages and have everyone on here come to the meetings. Stop letting the Facebook people get to you Kathy Sease you are what we need.

Kathy, i told you when you first ran, that there are a FEW people in this park that will talk trash. When you read the posts, there are only 3 or 4 who consistently behave this way. They have behaved this way for sev. Years. I have been noticing people speaking up expressing feelings of disgust and dislike for this behavior. The people who talk trash are not getting what they want or planned for. I think you are being shown by our "silent majority" how people feel. Keep up the good work. Let these people rant and rave. They make themselves look bad

People who never comment are asking you to continue. That says a lot

Good night everyone, thanks for your input tonight. Wishing everyone a great work week ahead.


Clean the bad members on the board out!!! Get their name out there.

dont give up Kathy you can do this! theyre all jealous youre doing a good job there is viciousness everywhere there is leadership

Kathy, without you we would be in the dark as to the BOD and the issues being dealt with. Your openness and transparency has helped open the eyes of many members to issues normally buried by the BOD. Please continue to do what you are doing. River Bend needs you.

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Comment on Facebook

Looks like a good set of lottery numbers LOL look at all those 5's

Can't wait to get on the water.!!

Hang in there Kathy. We're behind you. You are honest ,love Riverbend and is trying to do what's best for our park. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Carol Andreine

I really admire your perserverence among the evil and for doing what is best for the membership. You have a tremendous cheering section! 👍

If everyone would try to work together instead of being right, this world would be great. We all have drent opinions and that's ok, but we need to come together to better

We know you have the best interest of the park at heart and we support you 100%. Hang in there and hold your head up high!

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How would the membership fee about a rock painting workshop? ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Feel not fee sorry

why not do both.

2 weeks ago

Craig Witzke

Is there a site that lists for properties for sale, that aren't owned by the park? ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I always see them on Craigslist and on real-estate searches

Yes on dotORG. With “Explore”, the goal is to connect RiverBenders to information on the OFFICIAL River Bend Membership Website. The OFFICIAL dotORG Page itself consists of a vast amount of information via posts, articles, documents, photos and videos. It’s ALL there! I just can’t locate it without a long tedious ‘trial and error search’ when I’m on a laptop and forget finding it at all ‘mobile’ on my phone. “EXPLORE” helps! With some information requiring a password it is impossible to extract the information to bring it HERE, so… Please click … doing so … provides a ‘easier way’ to navigate the OFFICIAL dotORG website (in my opinion anyway). Kathy Sease, Marty Reiker, @RBMCboard

Jad Drake has a place for sale

15/24 — more like cabin than camper. Two bedroom, full size bath, large living room, dining room and kitchen. Huge covered patio with garage for golf cart. $40,000

Debbie Metz has her place for sale by owner

isn't it

If you go to On the first page you don’t need a log in. Scroll down to box that’s mark News and at the bottom in fine print it has link in small link to get recent listing.

Riverbend marketplace on fb

I know of several that aren’t listed because we’ve been looking. But we settle on ours tomorrow. 5-11 has metal pavilion. 92-20, Nice cleared level private empty lot

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One thought on “Official River Bend Membership Corporation – RBMC

  1. I have a question? Why are we getting charged 6% sales tax on Dues? We pay property tax on our lots as a Lot Owner and now have to pay more taxes? I don’t understand…..

    Sue Pendleton offered … Assessments are not taxable because they go into capital improvement as directed by the CPA and the whole reason the accounts were setup to begin with. I was present at the meeting with the accounting firm. Before we setup those accounts as capital improvement you were taxed on the whole amount and this is another reason why the assessments are good because they lower the taxable amount. Dues are taxable because you are paying for services – trash removal, electric… when we pay for those services they are taxed and we have to pay that tax to state of WV. Property tax is separate and is for the land – lot you own same as if you own a house but is cheaper because it is not considered residential but seasonal – recreational.
    The difference between taxable dues and non-taxable assessments Dues are taxable because they are used for expenses – an electrical wire at the ranger station needs to be repaired or replaced – a short term issue that is quickly repaired/resolved.Assessments are non-taxable because they are used for capital improvements – upgrading the electric in the whole park – long term project that improves quality and value for the membership. Hope this helps.

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