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The River Bend Boat Club is sending out the last high water advisory for this storm.

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Final Update, 5/20/2018 at 11:15am

The River Bend Boat Club is sending out the last high water advisory for this storm. The National Weather Service had forecasted the river at Hancock Md. to reach 19.40 feet on Sunday May 20, 2018 at 2:00am.
It made it to 19.51 feet at 1:30am and now is on the way DOWN, at this time Sunday May 20, 2018 at 11:15am the river at Hancock Md. is 18.49 feet.
The National Weather Service River Gauges: to keep up to date on the water levels.

Historical Crests for Hancock, Md.
19.51 ft on 05/20/2018
18.27 ft on 04/17/2018
15.40 ft on 05/06/2017
10.90 ft on 06/03/2016
15.92 ft on 02/04/2016
14.46 ft on 06/29/2015
21.33 ft on 05/17/2014
18.89 ft on 05/09/2013
17.51 ft on 10/30/2012
12.83 ft on 09/07/2011
25.41 ft on 05/19/2011
18.99 ft on 04/17/2011
21.74 ft on 03/11/2011
25.94 ft on 03/14/2010
35.81 ft on 09/08/1996
36.26 ft on 01/20/1996

What is most useful are the predicted and current levels at Paw and Hancock. We get Hancock’s water within hours. I have learned that a level of 19’ at Hancock comes right to the top of the bank at my lot, which happens to be THE LOWEST LOT IN RIVER BEND! Their levels DO NOT translate foot to foot. In other words, if the river rises 3’ at Hancock, it doesn’t mean it will rise 3’ at River Bend, but it will rise, more like 1-1/2’. Monday’s (4/16/2007) level of 21.36 feet came to the front of my trailer, right at the base of the jack, and just got to the bottom of the rims on my wheels. That is on the lowest trailer in the park! I was prepared to move it, but by watching the Hancock gauge, I knew I was OK. Most members should be OK if the Hancock level stays below about 23-24’. Now Winter ice jams are another story!

The National Weather Service River Gauges:

River Bend Boat Club (RBBC )

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