Board of Director–manager-management River Bend Membership Corporation (#BODmanagerRBMC)

#MoreThanFacebook  Member information from the River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) manager/management firm is an online educational tool to provide general information to the membership community in open communication style. Periodically, the manager/management firm’s office will post articles of general interest covering topics such as the RBMC’s budget, budget process, capital projects, upcoming meetings, community issues, public safety, and general River Bend Membership Corporation operations.  Information is not designed as press releases or RBMC publications, rather, they written in more of a conversational style.     BODmanagerRBMC  10:06 AM Wednesday, January 31, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook  (RBMC) manager/management firm’s office serves as the chief administrative branch of River Bend Membership Corporation. Comprised of a staff of [enter number], it oversees the daily operation of [enter number] separate departments and operating divisions of RBMC that have a combined annual budget in excess of $[enter amount]. The River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) manager/management firm works to achieve the goals and directions set by the Board of Directors RBMC and ensures that the policy direction set by the BOD River Bend Membership Corporation is implemented. The (RBMC) manager/management firm is also responsible for administering and overseeing the day-to-day functions, activities, and services provided by River Bend Membership Corporation ensuring that the RBMC’s delivery of member services is provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  BODmanagerRBMC  5:22 AM Tuesday, January 30, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook  The River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) manager/management firm is in charge of all the operations that keep RBMC running, as well as implementing policies adopted by the RBMC’s elected Board of Directors. #BODmanagerRBMC  5:52 AM Monday, January 29, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook  The RBMC President’s role in a River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) position under the director-manager-management River Bend Membership Corporation proposal is largely a ceremonial one – with the manager/management firm answering directly to the Board Of Directors.  A RBMC manager / management firm is hired directly by the RBMC Board of Directors – and can be terminated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. #BODmanagerRBMC  6:42 AM Sunday, January 28, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook  The basic roles, responsibilities, and powers of a River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) manager/management firm position under the director-manager-management  River Bend Membership Corporation proposal, include:

  • Supervision of day-to-day operations of all RBMC departments and staff through department heads;
  • Oversight of all RBMC recruitment, dismissal, disciplining and suspensions;
  • Preparation, monitoring, and execution of the RBMC budget, which includes submitting each year to the RBMC Board Of Directors (BOD) a proposed budget package with options and recommendations for its consideration and possible approval;
  • Main technical adviser (counselormentorguideconsultantconfidantaide; coach, trainerteachertutorto the BOD on overall RBMC operations;
  • RBMC relations, such as meeting with members, ‘member’ groups, businesses, and other stakeholders (the presence of a ‘President’ may alter this function somewhat);
  • Operating RBMC with a professional understanding of how all RBMC functions operate together to their best effect;
  • Attends all BOD meetings, but does not have any voting rights
  • Additional duties that may be assigned by the River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) Board Of Directors (BOD)  #BODmanagerRBMC  5:30 AM Saturday, January 27, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook  As the top appointed official in River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC), the manager/management firm position is responsible for most if not all of the day-to-day administrative operations of RBMC, in addition to other expectations.  #BODmanagerRBMC  5:16 AM Friday, January 26, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook  The manager/management firm position, under the director-manager-management River Bend Membership Corporation proposal, will be created in part to remove RBMC government from the infighting of RBMC ‘member groups’, and place management of RBMC into the hands of an outside expert who is usually a business manager/engineer/property management company, with the expectation that the manager/firm position would remain neutral to RBMC politics.  #BODmanagerRBMC   5:26 AM Thursday, January 25, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook “As I understand it any board of directors can hire and or contract with a management company. A member vote, as I believe, is not required” (a·non·y·mous əˈnänəməs/ RiverBender Private Message) #BODmanagerRBMC 11:32 AM Wednesday, January 24, 2018 (EST)


#MoreThanFacebook The board of director-manager-management River Bend Membership Corporation proposal is much like a publicly traded corporation. Under the proposal, the elected governing body, called a corporate board of directors is responsible for legislative functions such as establishing RBMC policy, passing RBMC ordinances, voting RBMC appropriations, and developing an overall RBMC vision. The corporate board of directors appoints a professional manager/firm to oversee the administrative operations, implement its policies, and advise it. The manager/firm position is similar to that of corporate chief executive officer (CEO), providing professional management to the board of directors. The position of “president” in this proposed body is a largely ceremonial title, and may be selected by the board from among board of director members or owner elected as an at-large board member with no executive functions, similar to a non-executive chairman in a corporation.  #BODmanagerRBMC  7:13 AM Wednesday, January 24, 2018 (EST)


PURPOSE:  #MoreThanFacebook 

Facilitating a possible proposal only. Up to others to go forward with it, modify it, kill it#BODmanagerRBMC   7:00 AM Wednesday, January 24, 2018 (EST)

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